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Woodfordia Butterfly Project
Join me at the site of the Woodford Folk Festival on the last Sunday of each month to develop and maintain butterfly (and other invertebrates) community education projects.
Email the contact below and ask to be put on the list for monthly notices 
What is Earthling Enterprises about?

Connecting people with nature especially the small creatures of our world: butterflies, bees, and other invertebrates, their habitats and how they live.

Invertebrates make up 98 - 99% of animal species on this world. It includes all animals that don't have a backbone, that is all animals that aren't fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds or mammals. Nearly all invertebrates perform essential roles in keeping our planet's environment healthy and well. A very small number, compared to the millions of species that exist, cause us humans any problems.
Looking for a speaker - how about one with a difference?
Earthling Enterprises can organise speakers on
-> Butterflies and their host plants
-> Australian Stingless Bees
Community and corporate rates are available.
Contact us:

Planting for Wildlife workshop flyer

Planting for Wildlife: butterflies, bees, bugs and other mini-beasts
a one-day workshop offered by Mooloolah River Waterwatch and Landcare Inc, on Sat 11 Feb, 2017 

All Things caterpillars ...

All Things Caterpillars ...
and eggs, chrysalises, butterflies, and caterpillar food plants.
A free 1 day workshop 

Chequered Swallowtail butterfly poster
Butterfly Signs
I have been developing butterfly life-cycle and host plant interpretation signs for over 50 different butterfly host plants. These are available to organisations, business and places that want to feature their butterfly plants. See the link for some examples 

Create More Butterflies
Create More Butterflies:
A guide to 48 butterflies and their host-plants for south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales
by Frank Jordan & Helen Schwencke 

Australian Stingless Bees
Australian Stingless Bees : a guide to Sugarbag Beekeeping
by John Klumpp

Brisbane: Earthling Enterprises, 2007 
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Please find the order form for Earthling Enterprises books plus a number of other guides (56kb)