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Butterfly host plants
Butterfly Lives: <br> <br> Lifecycle and ecology interpretation signs
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Butterfly Lives:

Lifecycle and ecology interpretation signs

So often we only see information about, and photos of, adult butterflies, and hear only about nectar plants for butterflies. Aside from a small minority, people have little knowledge about the whole life of the animals. Alongside Create More Butterflies these signs have been produced to change this view of butterflies.

Create More Butterflies : a guide to 48 butterflies and their host-plants for south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales - By Frank Jordan & Helen Schwencke.
Brisbane: Earthling Enterprises, 2005

Thumbnail Image of Australian Painted Lady butterfly sign

Australian Painted Lady
    (on Yellow Buttons or Paper Daisy)

Blue Argus butterfly poster

Blue Argus
    (on Pink Tongue)

Blue Tiger Lifecycle

Blue Tiger
    (on Corky Milk Vine)

Image of Blue Triangle Cryptocarya butterfly

Blue Triangle
    (on Native Laurels)

Image of Blue Trinagle Geijera butterfly

Blue Triangle
    (on Wilga)

Thumbnail Image of Blue Triangle Neolitsea butterfly

Blue Triangle
    (on White Bolly Gum)

Bordered Rustic butterfly lifecycle

Bordered Rustic
    (on Flintwood)

Bright Cornelian Harpullia poster

Bright Cornelian
    (on Tulipwood)

Bright Cornelian Tuckeroo poster

Bright Cornelian
    (on Tuckeroo)

Thumbnail image of Caper White Butterfly sign

Caper White
    (on Scrub Caper)

Chequered Swallowtail butterfly poster

Chequered Swallowtail
    (on Emu Foot)

Thumbnail image of Clearwing Swallowtail butterfly sign

Clearwing Swallowtail
    (on Cressida Pipe-flower)

Thumbnail image of Common Crow Butterfly sign

Common Crow
    (on Monkey Rope vine)

Image of Common Pencil-blue with Black Bean tree host sign

Common Pencil-Blue
    (on Blackbean)

Thumbnail Image of Common Pencil-blue with Callerya tree host sign

Common Pencil-blue
    (on native Wisteria)

Common Pencil-blue on Tuckeroo sign

Common Pencil-Blue
    (on Tuckeroo)

Thumbnail image of Dainty Swallowtail butterfly sign

Dainty Swallowtail

Eastern Dusk-flat butterfly lifecycle sign

Eastern Dusk-flat

Fuscous Swallowtail on Pink Limeberry (Glycosmis trifoliata)

Fuscous Swallowtail
    (on Pink Limeberry)

Glasswing lifecycle - 2 plants


Joseph's Coat Moth lifecycle and ecological interpretation sign

Joseph's Coat Moth
    (on Cayratia clematidea)

Image of Large Grass-yellow butterfly sign

Large Grass-yellow

Image of Leafwing butterfly sign


Image of Meadow Argus Scaveola butterfly sign

Meadow Argus
    (on Fanflowers)

Orchard Swallowtail lifecycle on Flindersia species

Orchard Swallowtail
    (on Native Ash)

Thumbnail image of Orchard Swallowtail butterfly sign

Orchard Swallowtail
    (on Native Finger Lime)

Image of purple moonbeam butterfly sign

Purple Moonbeam
    (on Sandpaper Fig)

Richmond Birdwing lifecycle and ecology sign

Richmond Birdwing
    (on Birdwing vine)

Small Green-banded Blue butterfly lifecycle

Small Green-banded Blue
    (on SoapTree or Red Ash)

Image of Tailed Emperor on Snow Wood butterfly sign

Tailed Emperor
    (on Snow Wood)

Varied Eggfly Butterfly Lifecycle

Varied Eggfly
    (on Joyweed)

Image of White-banded Plane on Flame tree butterfly sign

White-banded Plane
    (on Flame Tree)

Image of poster featuring Yellow Migrant butterfly

Yellow Migrant
    (on Climbing Senna)

Each sign

- shows the life-cycle of a main butterfly with a host plant, and at times, some other butterflies with caterpillars that use the plant it tells an ecological story
- shows images of mainly hand-raised caterpillars, some taking weeks, occasionally months, to complete their life-cycle, then released as butterflies.
- comprises at a minimum of 5 images, often up to 10 images
- is built on over 25 years of growing butterfly host plants and raising and photographing butterflies and their lifecycles
- A3 & A4 sized signs include an actual size image for the main butterfly that is featured. Smaller signs have an image with the butterfly's wingspan dimensions noted.
- is available in a variety of sizes. Bulk orders for the signs, 10 species of more, are available where people, businesses or institutions, want to mount an educational or interpretative display. Prices vary depending on how the sign is to be displayed or otherwise used.

Signs are only produced for caterpillar food plants that have been verified by myself directly or by trusted colleagues.

Packages of signs

Your type of use will determine the package available, eg:
. paper and laminated . corflute . metal
. website or other media . others
Packages are available with a butterfly presentation and other resources and activities.
Please inquire for the type of use you need.