White-banded Plane (on Flame Tree)

White-banded Plane

(Phaedyma shepherdi)

The White-banded Plane, also known as the Common aeroplane, is found on the edges of rainforest, gallery forest and riparian monsoon forest (vine thicket) in coastal areas as well as as suburban gardens in Brisbane.

Host Plant:

The Flame Tree (Brachychiton acerifolius), commonly known as the Illawarra Flame Tree, is a large tree native to sub-tropical regions on the east coast of Australia. It is distinctive for its bright red bell-shaped flowers that cover the whole tree when it is leafless. This plant can also host the Tailed Emperor butterfly which is depicted on this sign.

Learn more about the White-banded Plane in the book entitled Create More Butterflies by Frank Jordan & Helen Schwencke which is available from Earthling Enterprises