What is Earthling Enterprises about?

We help people connect more deeply with Nature, locally in our own spaces – beyond what you already know about gardening – by taking simple actions that give big results. We help you connect with the cycle of life everywhere around us, linking plants, butterflies, bees and birds and the miraculous small creatures that keep our Earth healthy.

In doing so, as you will be able to watch beautiful creatures: butterflies, bees, birds and others making good use of your work, giving you a greater sense of well-being through taking steps that help you fulfil your role in maintaining the diversity of life.


Life on Earth in all its amazing and magnificent forms is fascinating along with how each and every species interacts with and depends on the others within the communities and ecosystems they evolved and live in.

Few of us know how 98% of all the animal lifeforms are creatures that don’t have backbones, and in the order of 85% of these are insects. Also sadly that there are increasingly serious reports about how we’re rapidly losing these precious creatures and all that depend on them.

Grow local native plants to support local native wildlife, especially the small creatures, and help bring nature back into our backyards. Let your plants help you “save the planet”, one garden at a time, while you sit back and enjoy the show.
“The only good leaf is a chewed leaf” – that way you know it’s providing support to the rest of the ecosystem.

My own 33yo butterfly and habitat garden is a living proof of taking small actions – at least 50 species of butterflies have been raised on its 16 perches (405 sq m).

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The Delight of Butterfly Gardening

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Helen Schwencke’s biodiversity, nature and butterfly presentations
Learn about nature’s small creatures and amazing life forms, what they do, how they live their lives and obtain their livelihoods. Helen offers a range of presentations, workshops, experiences and displays.

Woodfordia Butterfly Project

A 16-year project, starting in 2003, to enhance Woodfordia, site of the Woodford Folk Festival, for a greater diversity of native plants, especially local native plants, that support a higher variety of different life-forms.

In the news

Joseph's Coat Moth life cycle photomontage

Past event:
RESTORE: Re-enchanting Connection – Art Exhibition
Dec 3 – 9, 2021
@ KEPK Galleries, Station Rd., Yeerongpilly, QLD.
One of 3 photomontages of butterfly life cycles and their host plants, by Helen Schwencke, on display as part of a group exhibition with
Kate Chadwick, Jason Spatz, Megan Young and Ali Leonard.

Joseph’s Coat Moth (Agarista agricola) life cycle, on Cayratia clematidea)


How to create more butterflies in your garden
ABC News published this article about Helen Schwencke’s work on Tues, 13/2/18

Bringing in the Butterflies:
A Studio 10 Interview

with a panel of interviewers 26/4/18

Butterfly Lives signs and displays
Over 40 butterfly life-cycle and host plant interpretation signs covering 60 different butterfly host plants. These are available to organisations, business and places that want to feature their butterfly plants. See the link for some examples.


Inviting Nature to Dinner front cover

Inviting Nature to Dinner:
the benefits of bringing biodiversity to our backyards
by Helen Schwencke & Dick Copeman.
New release: October 2020

Create More Butterflies - front coverCreate More Butterflies
A guide to 48 butterflies and their host-plants for south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales
by Frank Jordan & Helen Schwencke

Australian Stingless Bees : a guide to Sugarbag Beekeeping
by John Klumpp
Brisbane: Earthling Enterprises, 2007

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