Links for butterflies, native bees, moths and other Invertebrate information

Butterfly & Other Invertebrates Club

Brisbane Insects and Spiders Home Page by Peter Chew

Atlas of Living Australia

Australian Moths Online (CSIRO)

Australian Caterpillars – Don Herbison-Evans

Australian National Insect Collection — now part of Atlas of Living Australia

Key to the Invertebrates

Spiders of Australia

Find a Spider Guide

Spiders and other Arachnids This site is a working draft for “A field Guide to the Spiders of Australia” by Robert Whyte and Dr Greg Anderson for CSIRO Publishing.

Ladybirds of Australia

Australian Native Bees Research Centre

Ants – Keys and information about Australian ants

Ask an entomologist – no longer functioning, lists the following sites

What Bug Is That? The Guide to Australian Insect Families – a great resource for identifying insects!

Lucid key for Insect Orders – uses a lucid key to identify insects to orders

Identification key for Insect Orders –  another similar key to help you identify insects to order.  Click the boxes of the features your insect has and this key will narrow down the possibilities for you.  No need to start at the beginning of the key either!

Insects of Tasmania – a website set up with photos of insects specifically from Tasmania

Identification of Australian Freshwater Invertebrates

Identifying Centipedes of Australia  – needs Adobe Flash player to work

Adult insect order key: A detailed and simply explained key to insect orders (Michigan-based, but useful for insect orders in general):

Can’t find your insect: it could be a part of a lifecycle that hasn’t been documented – eggs, larvae, nymphs or pupae

Places to go see butterflies, bees, and other invertebrates and small creatures

Helen’s butterfly & other invertebrates garden – by appointment only,
or book The Delight of Butterfly Gardening through Airbnb Experiences

Coffs Harbour Butterfly House, Maze & Tea Rooms

Bribie Island Butterfly House

Butterfly Hill, Nambour

Creature Info

Australian Native Dung Beetles – by Geoff Montieth

Find out about the fascinating lives of Dung Beetles. Australia has its own 500 or so native species. Others have been introduced to deal with non-native livestock.

(Article originally published in the News Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Queensland 43(2):24-32 (2015) and reproduced with permission of the author.)

Australian Native Dung Beetles – by Dr Geoff Monteith (pdf)