Australian Stingless Bees : a guide to Sugarbag Beekeeping

by John Klumpp

Brisbane: Earthling Enterprises, 2007
(6,500 copies sold)

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Author and beekeeper John Klumpp combines research and decades of experience to invite us into the irresistible world of Australian stingless social bees and the people who keep them.
=> Wildlife Australia Magazine Winter 2009 Vol 46 /2
Australian Stingless Bees by John Klumpp makes a very useful contribution to the Australian native bee literature. His colourful tome illustrates and illuminates most of the pertinent issues and answers many of the common questions asked by keepers of these attractive insects.
=> Tim Heard
I would like to thank Earthling Enterprises and John Klumpp for this amazing book on Australian Native Bees. The information in this book is easy to read and very informative, not just for the home hobbies but also the keenest native bee enthusiast. I found this book to have everything you need to know about Australian native bees. Every topic is listed in an easy to follow format with information on bee identification, finding a hive, relocation and caring for a hive and much more. I recommend this book for anyone with an interest in Australian Native bees, or an excellent reference to the keener enthusiast.
=> Troy Baxter, Trainer and Assessor, Dip. Hort. Conservation and Land Management


Australian Stingless Bees: a guide to Sugarbag beekeeping by John Klumpp is a 120 page book packed with over 200 photos and illustrations. People tell us that it is easy to read, whimsical, engaging, amusing, and is crammed with useful information.

Of particular interest is a comprehensive description of Klumppy’s Eduction (or budding) method for propagating hives, which requires minimal intervention in the colony, and offers a way to reduce the risk of exposing your colony to parasites and diseases, especially for hobbyists.

The topics covered are:

  • catching the bug – John’s personal perspective;
  • the different species of native social stingless bees;
  • differences in lifestyle between honey bees and native social stingless bees (particularly¬†Tetragonula carbonaria (formerly Trigona carbonaria);
  • life and lifecycle in a colony;
  • castes;
  • locating colonies in bushland;
  • some different ways to house a hive;
  • buying a hive;
  • installing and moving a hive;
  • rescuing and transferring colonies to artificial hives;
  • propagating hives by splitting;
  • propagating hives by eduction (or budding);
  • some swarming behaviours (once mated, the queen never leaves the hive);
  • friends and foes of stingless bees;
  • the Cadaghi controversy – stingless bees are adapted to spreading Cadaghi seeds;
  • planting native bee-friendly gardens; and
  • a glimpse at some future possibilities

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