Caper White (on Scrub Caper)

Caper White

(Belenois java )

The Caper White lives mainly west of the Great Dividing Range, where it feeds on caper shrubs, but is sometimes blown towards Sydney while on its northward migration. It is also common west of the Great Dividing Range.

Host Plant:

Scrub Caper tree, (Capparis arborea), also known as the Native Pomegranate or Scrub Caper Berry. It normally is found in dry rainforest (and more occasionally in subtropical and littoral rainforest) from the Hunter River in NSW to Cape York in QLD. This plant can also host the Striated pearl-white butterfly which is also depicted on this sign.

Learn more about the Caper White in the book entitled Create More Butterflies by Frank Jordan & Helen Schwencke which is available from Earthling Enterprises