Common Pencil-Blue (on Tuckeroo)

Common Pencil-blue

(Candalides absimilis)

Also known as the Pencilled Blue, Common Pencil-blue is found along the east coast of Australia, including Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Victoria, usually on the edges of rainforest and gallery forest as well as coastal eucalypt open-forest and suburban gardens in Brisbane and Sydney where larval food plants are established. Has rapid flight, especially the males.

Host Plant:

Tuckeroo tree, (Cupaniopsis anacardioides), a species of flowering tree that is native to eastern and northern Australia. Also known as carrotwood, beach tamarind and green-leaved tamarind, it can reach 10 metres in height. This plant can also host the Indigo Flash butterfly which is also depicted on this sign.

Learn more about the Common Pencil-blue in the book entitled Create More Butterflies by Frank Jordan & Helen Schwencke which is available from Earthling Enterprises