Inviting Nature to Dinner

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The benefits of bringing biodiversity to our backyards

by Helen Schwencke & Dick Copeman
Brisbane: Earthling Enterprises, 2020

A new book published  14/10/20

Further details on book page



Further details on book page

1 review for Inviting Nature to Dinner

  1. Caz O’Neill

    What a welcome resource! Thankyou thankyou thankyou Helen and Dick for providing this fabulous synergy of permaculture principles and processes applied to supporting and conserving native habitats and species! It can be done!
    Perfect tool for those planning wildlife friendly gardens, for school kitchen gardens, nature play areas, natural area regeneration or simply a backyard.
    The many diagrams, photos and callouts make the content very accessible for those visual learners among us too.
    Especially, love the inclusion of photos of larvae, pupae and adult all in the one place for ID of butterflies and moths. (been wanting a book that does that for years!)

    Thankyou again! I have been showing off my copy of your book to anyone who will listen! More power to you!

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